Teaching Philosophy 

     I am above all else an Artist charged with feeling, creating, interpreting, discussing, effecting and being affected by the world around us.


     As an Educator of future Artists I want to give my students as much access to the tools they need to unlock the door to the world around them so that they can explore, learn, and eventually help others along their journeys bringing the whole process full circle. The Educator is charged with opening their student’s eyes, to give them not only a new way of moving but also a new way of thinking and feeling, helping their students find their own personal truths. From this self-informed place we are better able to make honest and authentic choices as a whole (Body, Mind, and Spirit) creating ART, not just dance. The student must be lead by a strong yet flexible hand that is constantly improving and learning, for in the end it is he who teaches that is also taught.

     Sprung from this symbiotic relationship lifelong connections are formed and fostered, in times of intensive training and times of advice, in the studio and from a distance. Like the student must transform into the teacher yet remain a lifelong learner, so to must the Educator transform into the Mentor. They remain a hands on guide to those students who are next charged to their care while offering sustained support from a far to those from the past who seek it.


Jadedness and can’t stifle the free exchange of new and exciting ideas.

The hopeful optimism of youth/embarking on a new journey/coming back home 

creates the optimal space for lifelong learning .

Separately we can make a difference; collectively we can change the World.